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Metro’s Strange Attempt at Safety Through Comdey

Metro’s Strange Attempt at Safety Through Comdey

Somebody over at Metro had the idea to leap ahead into the future to deliver important Metro safety and etiquette, but more importantly, comedy and laughs. On May 16th, Metro sent out a press release with the following video.

A polite young anarchist preparing to give up his seat for an elderly fellow.

A polite young anarchist gives up his seat for an elderly fellow.

“Welcome aboard Metrorail and thanks for riding with us,” says an animated flight attendant in the aisle of a Metrorail car in Metro’s latest video, If Trains were Planes.

The roughly three-minute, animated video is modeled after the “brief safety presentations” seen on many airplanes. After welcoming riders, the Metro “flight attendant” informs passengers about courteous behaviors that make for a more pleasant trip for everyone, including using headphones while listening to music, keeping conversations at a reasonable volume, and observing the no eating, drinking and smoking ban. She also points out the priority seats near the middle doors, which are intended for individuals with disabilities or senior citizens.

While humorous in tone, the video also delivers important safety messages. It reminds riders not to block train doors, and draws attention to the emergency exits and emergency evacuation instructions posted inside rail cars. In the event of an emergency, “remain calm and listen to crew member instructions,” the flight attendant says.

If you’ve played the Sims, used public transportation, or have an average sense of humor, this video was probably boring for you from the start. You can’t really hold it against them though. Because how entertaining can the Metro really be?

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